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The orders are made directly by the manager of our company, having a great experience in international trade, we have by ourselves ; identified, met and selected the right producers who are able to fulfill the french and european standards of sanitary authorities.

We make our selections based on visual aspect, a type of drying, level of humidity, desinsectisation methods.

Other criterias of producer's selection are : the capacity to supply ordered volumes in expected qualities as well as some experience at export.

Where are our products come from ?


Poland - a country covered by biggest forests in Europe (boletus, cantharellus...) . The quality of boletus is high


China for the morels, black fungus, "forest mix", cantharellus, boletus, granulatus...


Turkey, India, Pakistan (Himalaya) mainly for morels


We also take into consideration other regions such as France, India, Pakistan, Canada, Argentina, Chili


Carpates - for its renown production of walnuts

What is the way to sort the mushrooms and walnuts ?

The mushrooms are collected, then controlled one by one by a metal detector, sorted manually or/and mechanically to eliminate all residual dusts (vegetals, leaves, wood pieces, stones...). Then the mushrooms are prepared and conditionned according the customers demand.
The walnuts in whole are collected by villagers, delivered to site of transformation. The walnuts can be  sorted automatically by adapted cylinders to determinate calibers. Once sorted, the walnuts are delicately broken one by one with a hammer, by women workers. The workers are collecting only the edible pieces (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, pieces).
The walnuts are then sorted in deep detail, manually for extractions of all woods, hardened pieces, dust, marks of insects...).


Sorting, metal detection, elimination of possible external materials

Manual and visual selection of each lot entering before packing


Sorting and calibration according the choosen references

Manual, visual sorting to erase  impurities, vegetals, membrans, skins, fragments

Kernel walnuts cleaned and ready to pack under vacuum, nitrogen gaz protection and bulk conditionning

Why are the mushrooms conditionned with a protecting plastic film ?

The dried mushrooms are conditionned in jars. Before to cover with a cap, a plastic protecting film is used, placed hermetically at the top of the jar. This protecting film is prohibiting the intrusion of flying insects, and then avoid the insects developments inside the jar, from the conditioning to the consumption.

Why are the walnuts protected with nitrogen ?

The kernel walnuts are packed in hermetic bags (mainly of 1kg). At the packing step, nitrogen is inserted in each bag, it permited to replace the oxygen and nitrogen is playing the role of protecting natural film around the walnuts.
This process offers a respect of the walnuts flavour, taste, avoiding possible "rancid" taste during the packing period and the consumption.
It exists another way to protect the walnuts: Vacuum process is simply extracting the oxygen of the bags during the packing step. This permits to protect the walnuts during transportation.


1- capacity to answer to private labels demands
2- Logistic optimization (mixing of pallet mushrooms/walnuts) 
3- innovative packagings
4- new origins of production

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